January 28, 2011 4:36 am

Attention CEOs: Deploy Layer 7 Application Protection to keep your job!

Bayshore Comment: If Google had deployed Layer 7 Application Protection Platform from Bayshore, it would not have gotten hacked by a major sovereign state. Perhaps Eric Schmidt would not have gotten into disagreement with Larry and Sergey and perhaps he would not be stepping down as CEO later this year. And, more importantly, Google’s market share in the world’s largest Internet market (by #of users) would not have dropped from the mid-30s to the high-teens in a years time. This is a good lesson for CEOs of major corporations: don’t count on your existing Layer 3 security solutions; they don’t work! Time has changed and threats have gotten sophisticated. You need to deploy Layer 7 Application Protection Platform from Bayshore to sleep well at night and to keep your job!

Excerpt from Fortune:
Did the China decision mark the beginning of the end for Eric Schmidt?

Posted by Seth Weintraub
January 23, 2011 2:37 PM
It seems that the move may not have only ended Google’s presence in China, but also Schmidt’s tenure.
In a piece in the New Yorker, Googled Author Ken Auletta argues that the decision to pull Google (GOOG) out of China was the turning point for outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt in his decision to step down from the company’s Chief Executive role.

According to close advisors, the Google C.E.O. was upset a year ago when co-founder Larry Page sided with his founding partner, Sergey Brin, to withdraw censored searches from China. Schmidt did not hide his belief that Google should stay in the world’s largest consumer marketplace.

Nudged by a board-member friend and an outside advisor that he had to re-energize himself, he decided after Labor Day that he could reboot.

He couldn’t. By the end of the year, he was ready to jump on his own.
Ultimately the fact that Schmidt was not making the tough decisions was demotivating…

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