SingleKey™ Content Inspection Appliance

Bayshore's multi-protocol application protection platform provides unparalleled confidentiality, integrity, and availability to enterprise, critical infrastructure and defense customers.

Designed and developed in the United States, SingleKey™ is a multi-protocol content inspection appliance deployed at the data center switch level. SingleKey proactively detects and blocks attacks on applications in violation of security rules, protocols and baseline application behavior. Administrators tune SingleKey’s adaptive heuristics to continuously profile behavior and deliver real-time anomaly detection. SingleKey leverages patent-pending heuristic baselining, behavior-based analytics and its highly-granular Pallaton™ policy language to detect anomalous behavior in real time.

SingleKey installations scale high on throughput and performance. Notably, SingleKey 850 Content Inspection Appliance is designed for large, high-end data center deployments and delivers full content inspection and policy enforcement at throughput exceeding 10 Gbps.

“Despite billions of dollars spent annually on the protection of critical assets, today’s enterprise organizations remain extremely vulnerable to targeted attacks by highly-motivated cybercriminals and nation-states. If increasingly sophisticated threat strains and tactics have proven anything, it’s that perimeter security is no longer effective and information security decision-makers deserve more effectiveness, innovation and scalability to truly protect the enterprise.” Francis Cianfrocca
Founder, CEO
Bayshore Networks

SingleKey, now shipping v5.0, delivers the most comprehensive application protection on the market and is equipped with the following key features:

  • High-performance Behavior-based Layer 7 Firewall Optimized for High-Traffic Network Core
  • Proprietary Application Profiling Technology Generating Layer 7 Policies Automatically
  • Pallaton™, Proprietary Layer 7 Policy Engine Controlling Applications at the Data Element Level
  • Uniquely Positioned to Segment Open, Flat Global Enterprise Networks by Geography and Business Unit
  • Protection against Targeted Attacks on Critical Applications behind the DMZ
  • Multi-Protocol Application Support including HTTP, Custom Enterprise Apps, and SCADA
  • Dynamic Routing Capabilities via BGP, OSPF and Failover

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