Bayshore Networks Integrates Pallaton™ Security Policy Engine into its Entire Portfolio

Highly-granular and expressive, Pallaton™ is an XML-based data-aware policy language.


NEW YORK, April 4, 2013 – Bayshore Networks, Inc., the leading provider of next-generation firewall technology, today announced it has developed and integrated Pallaton, a powerful Layer 7 security- policy enforcement engine, into its next generation firewall solutions for defense, critical infrastructure and large enterprise networks. The extensible Pallaton policy language is based on XML.

Highly-optimized for performance, Pallaton features a unique and innovative policy-expression language integrated into Bayshore’s complete line of SingleKey™ next generation firewall and Bayshore SCADA Firewall™ products, as well as Bayshore’s SingleView™ management-analytics platform. Pallaton enables powerful control and protection of enterprise and SCADA applications down to the level of individual data elements and transactions; is easy for network and application administrators to learn and use; and seamlessly scales to express access-policy and behavioral constraints, from entire global networks all the way down to individual applications.

Pallaton also offers extremely granular controls, enabling access to actual parts of protected data streams. Pallaton’s dynamic XML editor enables customers to block traffic by IP address, geographic location, timing, and other sensitive controls. Beyond its control savvy, Pallaton is protocol-aware, spanning SCADA-specific to web application protocols.

Bayshore’s SingleKey is a multi-protocol next generation firewall deployed at the heavily-trafficked network core. SingleKey proactively detects and blocks attacks on internal applications that violate security rules, protocols and baseline application behavior. Administrators tune SingleKey’s adaptive heuristics to continuously profile behavior and deliver real-time anomaly detection. Bayshore technology is developed exclusively in the United States and trusted by top defense contractors, government/critical infrastructure and commercial enterprise organizations.

The increasing sophistication of advanced malware and threats on mission-critical assets, coupled with an influx of more attack vectors via more devices, has organizations on the defensive and searching for powerful critical asset protection more than ever before.

“Pallaton is an example and outgrowth of Bayshore’s rich heritage of security innovation and engineering superiority – helping keep our products powerful, scalable and easy for customers to use against extremely determined adversaries,” said Bayshore Founder and CEO Francis Cianfrocca. “The name Pallaton comes from a Native American word meaning ‘warrior’ and couldn’t be more appropriate as the escalation of cyberwarfare continues to drive an unprecedented sense of urgency around cybersecurity awareness and adoption.”

About Bayshore Networks, Inc.

Bayshore Networks is setting the standard for operational and security policy for the Internet of Things. Our industrial-strength cybersecurity platform is developed exclusively in the United States and is trusted by world leaders in Industrial Controls, Critical Infrastructure and Global Enterprise.

The open, flexible Bayshore platform provides a foundation for organization-wide policy execution. It enables you to quickly deploy, evaluate and enforce industry standards and customized application-layer policies that drive your business objectives. Bayshore’s core technology is Pallaton™, an embedded, extensible, XML-based policy language.

The Bayshore platform is fast and flexible, providing content-aware inspection at line rate. It operates at the network core rather than at the perimeter, so its ultra high speed is a distinct advantage. Its easy extensibility enables it to quickly adapt to any protocol in your environment – including those that operate things.