Founded by a team of experts with deep roots in industrial controls (OT), information technology (IT), and cyber security, Bayshore’s breakthrough technologies enable safe and secure integration of IT and OT networks, systems, data, and infrastructure. Bayshore technology addresses the IT/OT Convergence Gap by creating a secure gateway between operational and business networks, protecting operational assets from internal and external cyber-threats while allowing operational data to be safely shared with business systems for monitoring, analysis, and other innovative business applications.

Bayshore’s IT/OT Gateway software offers visibility, control, and protection for Operational Technology, and transforms OT data for IT applications. Incorporating threat intelligence, and filtering open, standard, and proprietary protocols at a deep level, the system parses OT traffic for both content and context, validating every command and parameter against logic-rich policies. Addressing zero day, internal, and rapidly evolving threats, Bayshore can allow, alert, and/or block individual transactions at line speed – allowing white-listed communication while protecting against unauthorized communication and commands.