1. Who is Bayshore Networks?

Bayshore Networks, a Gartner Cool Vendor and SINET 16 Innovator, is the cybersecurity leader for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Bayshore was founded to protect industrial machines, networks, applications and workers from cyber threats. The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™ provides unprecedented visibility, control, and protection for OT networks.

  1. What is the Industrial IoT (IIoT)?

The Industrial IoT refers to connected machines — specifically, industrial machines that are now connected to the Internet. Traditionally used for Operational Technology (OT), this industrial equipment is being increasingly managed by IT networks, introducing a new layer of complexity.  As today’s OT environments converge with IT networks, they are increasingly exposed to cyber threats. Attacks on industry infrastructure – data centers, manufacturing, oil & gas, the grid – are now common.

  1. What is the Bayshore IT/OT Gateway?

The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway is a content-aware cybersecurity policy development and enforcement platform that provides benefits to both IT and OT departments.  It is distinguished by:

  • Granular inspection and filtration of industrial communications at line speed, down to the machine transaction and data value level
  • Industrial protocol and application knowledge, in addition to all common IT protocols
  • Flexible deployment models, all with full enforcement capabilities
  • Flexible, centralized XML-based policy creation and management
  1. How is that different than a firewall?

The machine-connected OT world is very different from the IT world, and therefore requires a new approach to security. Today’s next-generation firewalls provide application-layer security via IDS signature-matching and keyword analytics, which are not sufficient for protecting OT machines, industrial protocols and applications. Many “industrial” firewalls are, in fact, hardened versions of IT firewalls enabled with limited OT protocol handling capabilities, but lack context and deep content inspection and filtration. Additionally, OT requires a massively scalable cybersecurity platform. Without granular content inspection, today’s IT perimeter-based security platforms will not scale.

  1. What value does the Bayshore gateway deliver?

By blocking machine-specific cyber attacks, both from external and internal sources, the Bayshore IT/OT Gateway prevents disruptions in operational continuity – at scale. It also protects high-value equipment and industrial workers. It controls access to critical infrastructure based on flexible, logic-rich policies ensuring the security of machines and processes. Bayshore enforces operational and safety policies that traditional IT security appliances simply cannot.

Bayshore’s deep filtration and understanding of industrial protocol supports transformation of OT data for use in business applications such as Predictive Maintenance and Industrial Analytics.