Bayshore Networks Named a 2019 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

Bayshore Networks, an industry leader in developing IoT security software, is proud to announce its designation as a Distinguished Vendor in this year’s 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual.

TAG Cyber distinguished vendor

In joining this list of prestigious companies, Bayshore Networks expanded upon its knowledge in providing active protection against industrial cyber threats. Dr. Amoroso assembled this list to assist with this year’s report, which was made available today for free download.

2019 TAG Cyber Security Annuals

“TAG Cyber’s goal of rewarding expert cyber security controls and analysis was one we just had to be a part of,” said Kevin Senator, CEO of Bayshore Networks. “We believe it is important to for our industry to be transparent, and to make it easy for customers to understand what capabilities from each vendor are unique and useful.”

The 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual is designed in this, TAG Cyber’s third year of publication, to provide direct advisory guidance - at no cost - to the enterprise cyber security professional. Their work is created to help cyber defenders more effectively deal with the technical challenges of our industry. These include integrating cyber analytics across the kill chain, introducing automation to streamline security workflow, and adopting cloud infrastructure for enterprise applications and systems.

“The world of IoT grows more every day, and with that growth the number of threats increases constantly,” said Amoroso. “The Bayshore Networks platform is successfully leveraging its core technologies of policy control and enforcement, and therefore continually aiding in protecting your devices.”

Each year, TAG Cyber publishes it three-volume report to the community for download at no cost. In addition to the Bayshore Networks website, the report is also available at Volume 2 of the report also includes an informative interview with Bayshore Networks Head of Product, Toby Weir-Jones.

About Bayshore Networks

Bayshore Networks® is a leading provider of industrial cyber protection. The Company's award-winning technology unlocks the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), providing enterprises with visibility into their Operational Technology infrastructure while safely and securely protecting ICS systems, industrial applications, networks, machines, and workers from cyber threats. For more information, visit Bayshore Networks.