IoT Evolution Panel to Focus On Yokogawa’s Strategic IIoT Architecture Partnerships

From IoT Evolution

“Bob Lam, Bayshore’s Co-Founder & VP Corporate Development, will participate in a panel entitled Yokogawa Strategic IIoT Architecture Partnership, along with speakers from the collaborating companies. Yokogawa, a Platinum Sponsor of the event, announced a strategic investment in Bayshore in November 2016. Bayshore will also participate in Yokogawa’s exhibits (Booth #4010). A key component to the industrial Internet is the use of IoT to improve management of the manufacturing floor and the supply chain from production to distribution.”

Yokogawa Collaborates With Four Companies to Develop IIoT Architecture

From Your Industry News

“Yokogawa Electric Corporation (TOKYO:6841) announces that it will work with Microsoft Corporation, FogHorn Systems, Inc., Bayshore Networks, Inc., and Telit IoT Platforms, LLC to integrate their technology into an industrial IoT (IIoT) architecture for the delivery of new services. With this architecture, Yokogawa aims to transform its business model, expand its business scope, and help its customers run their businesses more efficiently.”

Cybersecurity Primer: Moderation But Still Growth for Years to Come

from the Jefferies Franchise Note

“This report launches our coverage of IT Security and details our observations, analyses and conclusions that 1) security will remain a growth market for years, even if not at recent rates, 2) old technologies will persist as new tech is incremental, 3) there’s growing demand for vendor consolidation, & 4) changing IT architectures (Cloud) offer both meaningful risk and opportunity.” Bayshore listing, page 142.

A New Use for High-Speed Fiber Optics: Connecting Smart Factories

from EBN Online

“The 100 gigabit capability extends to the wireless edge, allowing the testbed leaders to provide more data and analytical results to mobile users through advanced communication techniques, according to the consortium’s website. GE is installing the networking lines at its Global Research Center; Cisco provided the infrastructure needed to give the network its national reach, Accenture and Bayshore Networks are demonstrating the application of the High-Speed Network Infrastructure for power generation, the group said.”

7 Cool Internet of Things Companies to Watch

from Network World magazine

“The company’s policy-based Information Technology/Operational Technology (IT/OT) Gateway, an alternative to next-generation firewalls in some settings, inspects and filters industrial data for customers in fields such as manufacturing, connected cars and smart cities.”

Protecting the Plant from Malware

from Manufacturing Automation magazine

“We’ve always supported malware detection as part of deep content inspection on any type of network app,” said Francis Cianfrocca, Bayshore’s founder and chief scientist. “But the fact that various nefarious players have found ways to infiltrate control systems, HMIs in particular, using standard kinds of malware is frightening.”

VMware CIO Commands IoT Effort

from CIO Magazine

“Early adopters of Liota include Dell, V5 Systems and IoT security company Bayshore Networks, whose founder and chief scientist Francis Cianfrocca said this in a statement: “It’s critical to for us to work across multiple gateway platforms to deliver the scale required for industrial IoT. Liota allows us to focus on app innovation rather than creating multiple versions of our app.”

Mach Nation Recommends 5 IoT Security Vendors

from MachNation

“These vendors – ARM, Bayshore Networks, Cisco, Intel and Wipro – fill different holes of the IoT security puzzle. In some cases their solutions are complementary, in other cases competitive with each other. However, each has a unique approach
that is valuable as part of securing a complete IoT solution.”

How Bayshore Networks Raised $6.6M to Protect America’s Industries

from AlleyWatch

“This may surprise you, but attacks on oil and gas manufacturers are becoming increasingly common and while a new cybersecurity company is coming out daily, few are protecting the data of industrial applications the way that Bayshore Networks is. Their protection solution covers energy, industrial, enterprise, and public services applications. The startup just raised a new round to strengthen these industries by keeping them safe.”

Bayshore Networks Raises $6.6M to Secure Industrial Internet

from the Wall Street Journal

“There are shortfalls to the existing solutions. You have a lot of people in the IT space who just repurpose IT solutions for the industrial space, versus what we’ve done at Bayshore, which is designing from the beginning for the sole use case of enabling the industrial Internet of Things.” – Mike Dager, Bayshore CEO

The Internet of Things and the Inevitable Collision with Product Liability, PART 5: Security and the IIC

from the National Law Review

The program concluded with a panel discussion moderated by Francis Cianfrocca of Bayshore Networks… The panel discussed the convergence of IT and OT as a crucial challenge faced by the Industrial Internet of Things.

Replay of the SAP Startup Focus webinar


Learn how revolutionary companies in the SAP Startup Focus portfolio are changing the business landscape and how customers will benefit from a completely reimagined approach to business technology. The showcase features SAP HANA solutions by Startup Focus members:

1-Enterprise – End-to-End Visibility From the Shop Floor to the Top Floor
AppOrchid – Cognitive Apps: The Easiest Way to Realize the Business Value of SAP HANA
Bayshore – Cybersecurity for the Industrial IoT
Flutura – Cerebra Asset 360 for Advanced Intuitive Predictive Maintenance
iTiZZiMO – An IoT Platform that Connects Processes, People and Things, Simplified

The CyberWire Event Coverage, SINET 2015

by CyberWire

Bob Lam, Co-Founder and President of Bayshore Networks, delivered his company’s presentation. Bayshore protects against industrial cyber attacks—examples of which, he noted, we’ve already seen. Bayshore’s solution is not a conventional firewall. Rather, it offers a “cloud-based, patented IT/OT Gateway™ [that] enables organizations to rapidly build and enforce extremely granular content-aware policies for OT and IIoT cybersecurity, secure machine-to-machine communications, industrial operations/safety, and industrial automation.”

IDC Vendor Profile – Bayshore Networks: Enabling Policy-Based, Content-Aware Security for the Industrial Internet of Things

by Christina Richmond and Pete Lindstrom

“This IDC Vendor Profile analyzes Bayshore Networks, a provider of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions for industrial environments. This Vendor Profile reviews key success factors, including company strategy, product strategy, offerings, partnerships, and target market.”

YARA: the Swiss pattern-matching knife

from the @Secure Conference (YouTube link)

MachNation Recommends 5 IoT Security Vendors | Download pdf

by MachNation

“MachNation has been providing our customers with industry-leading analysis and strategic support for their IoT initiatives,” said Steve Hilton, co-founder and President, MachNation. “Today, we are thrilled to announce a new publication that provides a list of 5 recommended IoT security vendors and 10 requirements to help public and private sector organizations craft a holistically secure IoT solution. We recommend the IoT security solutions of ARM, Bayshore Networks, Cisco, Intel and Wipro.”

MachNation’s “IoT Security Landscape and Vendor Recommendations 2015” ( is the industry’s first comprehensive publication providing in-depth analysis of the current state of IoT cyber security and physical security.

SDx Infrastructure Security Report, 2015 Edition (download)

by SDx Central

Bayshore Networks is described in the IoT Security category under Security Infrastructure vendors. The report profiles “some of the vendors focused on delivering SDx solutions that tackling some of the toughest security problems. It by no means represents an exhaustive list, but focuses on a select number of products and vendors that have established an early position within the SDx security infrastructure space.”

Bayshore featured in AGC Report – “Critical Infrastructure: Cyber Security”

by Joe Dews, Partner

“Operational Technology or OT consists of hardware and software systems that monitor and control physical equipment and processes. Key components of OT systems include Distributed Control Systems, SCADA systems and PLCs, which are used in industries such as water, oil & gas, energy, manufacturing and defense. OT assets typically have very long refresh cycles, of up to 30 years or more, so many systems remain deployed that were not designed to be secure when connected to IT networks or accessed remotely.

“Bayshore Networks: Industrial-Strength Cyber Security Requires Trust”

by Tracey Schelmetic, Design News

“Let’s say you’re a large industrial company,” said Cianfrocca. “You use a lot of machines from a particular vendor. In order for you to send telemetry back to that vendor so they can run analytics and provide suggestions on how to improve efficiency and operating costs, you’ll need to set up a communications pathway that bridges the network environment between the OT and the IT. That’s a big set of challenges.”

Yara in a Nutshell

YARA is multi-platform, running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and can be used through its command-line interface or from your own Python scripts with the yara-python extension. If you plan to use YARA to scan compressed files (.zip, .tar, etc) you should take a look at yextend, a very helpful extension to YARA developed and open-sourced by Bayshore Networks.

“Innovation Summit: Day 2 Summary”

by Ed Maguire, CLSA Global Technology

“[Bayshore Chief Architect Andres] Andreu has an extensive background in the government and he explained that Bayshore’s security solution applies corporate policies to secure at the protocol level. One challenge for that approach, as he noted, is that many protocols have been created for over 30 years so it is hard to push for any significant change in them. People generally think that as long as they are working fine still they have the intention to proactively touch, change and secure them.”

“Cisco ISE Further Expands Technology Partner Ecosystem”

by Sanjay Raja

“The Cisco ISE partner ecosystem with additional pxGrid integrations now provides solutions that encompass: Internet of Things (IoT) security for the industrial sector with Bayshore Networks.”

“Securing the Internet of Things”

by Deborah Yao, SNL Kagan

“Cianfrocca does not expect consumers to buy protection software specifically for connected appliances. Instead, they will look to their providers, such as wireless carriers, to secure the network, he said.”

“Are you down with CIP – Critical Infrastructure Protection?”

by Rick Holland, Principal Analyst, Security and Risk Management, Forrester Research

“Bayshore Networks provides a platform that evaluates and enforces industry standards and customized application-layer policies. Bayshore Networks’ technology is Pallaton, an embedded, extensible, XML-based policy language.” – Rick Holland

“Zeros and ones: tackling cyber at the tactical edge”

by Anika Torruella, IHS Jane’s International Defence Review

“Cyber is now recognized as one of the domains of war, so that means that defense departments are very eager and very focused in acquiring expertise to manage cyberspaces.” – Bayshore Founder & CEO Francis Cianfrocca

“Long live perimeter security”

by Taylor Armerding, CSO Magazine

“The network perimeter is now pervasive”. An enterprise that focuses only on a single perimeter is the high-tech version of “the drunk who looks for his car keys under the streetlight because the light is better.” – Francis Cianfrocca

“Dollars and sense: Application security”

by Jim Romeo, SC Magazine

“Industrial sectors, financial, manufacturing, service industries, etc., have not yet emerged with applications by market. The threat is far ahead of the best practices, and the gap between threat and ability to defend is always being tested.” – Francis Cianfrocca

“ERM: Old concept, new ideas”

by Taylor Armerding, CSO Magazine

“Some industries – large manufacturing, military and critical infrastructure -are becoming aware that their existing practices are not good enough.” – Francis Cianfrocca

“BAE, Bayshore Networks Grow Cybersecurity Partnership; William Mabon Comments”

by Mary-Louise Hoffman, ExecutiveBiz

William Mabon, BAE director of cybersecurity products, said the collaboration aims to provide clients technologies that work to defend systems against advanced persistent threats.

“BAE Systems, Bayshore Networks expand cyber partnership”

by Emily Mekinc, Washington Business Journal/FedBizDaily

“BAE Systems and Bayshore Networks expand strategic partnership to defend against advanced cyber threats”

The Wall Street Journal

“Critical infrastructure protection: Are we prepared for a massive cyberattack on U.S. systems?”

by Taylor Armerding, CSO Magazine

“Bridging the cybersecurity divide, why security innovation must lead the way”

by Francis Cianfrocca, Infosec Island

“Obama invests in cybersecurity”

by Brian Prince, SecurityWeek

“Decoy ICS/SCADA water utility networks hit by attacks”

by Kelly Jackson Higgins, Dark Reading

“A paranoia industrial complex emerges from the shadows”

by Matthew Flamm, Crain’s New York Business

 “U.S. government warns of hack threat to network gear”

by Jim Finkle, Reuters

“The SCADA patch problem”

by Kelly Jackson Higgins, Dark Reading

“White House issues national insider threat policy”

by Fahmida Y. Rashid, Security Week

“SC Magazine Group product review: Bayshore Networks scores ./ stars”

by Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine

“In security response, practice makes perfect”

by Sean Martin, CSO Online

“Bayshore SingleKey v5.0 spotlighted in Network World’s Products of the Week”

by Network World Staff

 “Mitigating advanced persistent threats within industrial and critical infrastructure environments”
by Brian Musthaler, Network World

“Flame malware joint U.S., Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear program: Report”

by Brian Prince, eWeek

“Flame, Stuxnet creators collaborated, researchers say”

by Brian Prince, eWeek

“How Flame hid in plain sight for years”

by Kelly Jackson-Higgins, Dark Reading

“Commercial enterprises are putting ou critical infrastructure at risk”

by Sean Martin, Computerworld

“NSA Director: Cyber security challenged by lack of information sharing”

by Brian Prince, Security Week