World Economic Forum Issues Report on Vast Potential of the Industrial Internet


Bayshore Blog Post: World Economic Forum Report

January 25, 2015

Video link: WEF Industrial Internet of Things

PDF Download: WEF Industrial Internet Report

Over the past 10 to 15 years, internet-driven disruption and innovation have been about the “internet of people”, changing the way industries and businesses operate, particularly within media and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) relationships. In the next decade, the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is expected to have a significant impact on manufacturing, energy, agriculture and other industry sectors.

The term Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the seamless integration of the physical and digital worlds through networked sensors, machine learning and big data. The explosion of connected products and physical systems will present an enormous new market opportunity for many types of companies. It promises to fundamentally transform and disrupt a wide range of traditional industries through improved operational efficiency, new business models and opportunities for job creation. It also brings new risks to business and society.

The objectives of the World Economic Forum Industrial Internet of Things project were to understand how this latest wave of technological change will impact industries, value chains, business models and workforces, and to determine action that business and government leaders need to take now to ensure long-term success.


Kirby Wadsworth

As Chief Marketing Officer at Bayshore Networks, Kirby is on a mission to educate and inspire leaders to act now to protect our industrial infrastructure - and our way of life - from cyber threats. Bringing more than two decades of executive leadership in both public enterprises and emerging startups, Kirby is a published author, keynote speaker, teacher, and frequent contributor to over 20,000 online followers.