Bayshore’s IT/OT Gateway converts threat intel research into security policy that helps defend against headline-making attacks such as Black Energy, IronGate, and StuxNet

LAS VEGAS, BLACK HAT, AUGUST 3, 2016 – Bayshore Networks®, Inc., a provider of technology that safely and securely enables the Industrial Internet, today announced that its Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™ has the capability to help protect industrial enterprises against headline-making malware attacks such as BlackEnergy, IronGate, and StuxNet, among others.

“Bayshore provides two specific advantages in detecting ICS/SCADA malware - logic-rich policy-based security and extremely deep inspection of industrial application traffic, including embedded content,” explained Andres Andreu, Bayshore Networks VP, Engineering. “Once our IT/OT Gateway knows the pattern of any attack, we can deliver protection against that to our customers as policy. Then our deep content inspection capabilities enable us to detect malware moving across a network.”

Bayshore’s policy-based approach distinguishes it from the white listing approach used by IT security solutions such as IDS and firewalls. Bayshore builds security policy from multiple sources, including internal research, customer (proprietary) created rules, and external trusted sources including ICS-CERT, OWASP, Stix/Taxii, and leading defense threat intel vendors and service providers.

“On-premises security devices which work well on the IT side are not cost-effective and don’t provide policy management down to the data level necessary in OT environments, “ said Christina Richmond, Program Director, Security Services, at IDC. “These devices can protect the PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), but do not provide insight or management down to the robots, conveyors, and power-generation equipment level.”(1)

Bayshore’s cloud-based software, called the Bayshore IT/OT Gateway, provides IT departments with visibility into OT infrastructure, networks, applications, machines and operational processes. OT networks are undergoing transformation and require services traditionally available only for IT networks, such as secure remote access, malware protection and analytics. Bayshore delivers immediate value by preventing OT process disruptions and enhancing operational efficiency and business continuity.

Andreu cautioned that there is no silver-bullet security solution and that close collaboration between OT operations managers and IT security executives is critical to addressing emerging cyber security threats on industrial networks. He encouraged industrial enterprise and OT security directors to implement security best practices across their infrastructure and throughout their organizations and to work in conjunction with trusted entities to address immediate vulnerabilities.

About Bayshore Networks, Inc.

Bayshore Networks®, named a Gartner Cool Vendor and SINET 16 Innovator, is the cybersecurity leader for the Industrial Internet of Things. The Company’s award-winning, patented Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™ software unlocks the power of the Industrial Internet by enabling industrial applications and data. It provides Fortune 1000s with unprecedented visibility into their Operational Technologies, safely and securely protecting industrial applications, networks, machines and workers. The software deploys from the cloud, as a virtual machine, or on-prem as a hardware appliance. Bayshore has strategic alliances with leading technology companies including BAE Systems, Cisco Systems, SAP and VMware. For more information, visit

(1) IDC Analyst Connection, “Key Security Considerations for Securing the Industrial Internet," July 2016. Document number US41622816.

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