The “New Normal” - COVID-19 “At-Home” Workforce

We’re holding our collective breaths as we wait to see what will happen next with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Working remotely is suddenly the hot topic as businesses are trying to adapt to social distancing, and an at-home workforce. We at Bayshore have technology that provides this solution, and we’re seeking ways to support businesses trying to remain productive while minimizing the health risks from the virus. One of those ways we can help is to offer our remote access solution free for use to industrial and critical infrastructure companies for 90 days as many of us must “shelter in place,” while working from home, hoping to see these measures end sooner than later.

It’s called OTaccess™. It enables safe, protected remote access for employees or contractors to connect directly to OT assets from within your production environment. Unlike a VPN, OTaccess does this without enabling any kind of general network access, and provides continuous monitoring of the entire session, end-to-end, enforcing read/read-write/read-write-change permissions for every asset, to every user.

Our customers use it to manage the risk of remote employees or suppliers making a mistake, which has an immediate impact on a plant control system. If you are checking the status of a PLC, and accidentally push a new setpoint to a register, we all know that will take effect immediately. So why even take the risk? OTaccess filters out that setpoint change as a ‘write’ instruction, and blocks it before it ever even enters the plant. Read-only, other than by exception, is the safest way to go, and we make it happen.

In the spirit of supporting the community, we’re launching a program to offer 90-day evaluations of OTaccess to anyone who wants to try it out. You’ll be able to configure up to 100 users and 100 protected endpoints, and use those in an unlimited capacity, with no charge for 90 days. At the end of the period, you can keep it, after a chat with one of our friendly sales folks, or you can give it back and we’ll thank you for checking it out.

We believe it’s a unique solution in the marketplace, and ideally suited for these situations where traditional plant operators and engineers simply can’t get into their facilities right now. Why take that as an impediment to getting work done? Now you don’t have to.

Contact us here to register your interest, and we’ll follow up right away. We look forward to helping your workplace stay more safe, productive, and healthy, as we work through this crisis together.