Breaking Down the US-CERT Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security Alert

In an uncharacteristic move on the part of the part of the Department of Homeland Security, US-CERT released a Technical Alert resulting from analytic efforts between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  The alert warns of ongoing advanced...

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Securing Energy: The Unique Security Challenges in Power Generation and Distribution Plants

Recent headlines have again raised the public awareness of cyber threats to critical infrastructure. Much has been written about the threat of CrashOveride or Industroyer malware that was used to take down power in the Ukraine. The US Department of Homeland Security, Computer Emergency Response...

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Industrial Cyber Threat Landscape
A brief, and unfortunately non-comprehensive, overview of cyber threats and attacks on industrial infrastructure over the past decade. As you'll see, the impact of these attacks is significant, and their intensity and frequency is increasing. Thankfully, the Bayshore Industrial Protection...
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Cobots Are Cute. Can We Keep Them Safe?

Slowly but surely, robots are being freed from their cages.  Small, agile collaborative robots – known affectionately as cobots – are today already working alongside human teammates in assembly lines, cramped spaces, and specialized factories.

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Don’t Drink the Water!

We take our community water supplies for granted, but these days we probably shouldn’t.

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Examining the Cyber Threat Gap: The End-User Perspective
The common notion that industrial assets are immune to cyber-attacks if parts of them are isolated from the Internet (or other vulnerable corporate networks) is no longer practical in a hyper-connected enterprise. Although complete air-gapping of an industrial network is possible, there are...
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ICS Cyber Security for ICS/OT: Where Do You Deploy It?

IT professionals and OT managers often ask us what is the best way to secure industrial machines and devices. And of course there are many cyber-protective technologies to work with.

But the question often comes down to the placement of the protective technology: “Should I put protection on the...

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Recent Reports Spur Pentagon to Combat US Power Grid Hacks

How to identify and eliminate electric grid cyber threats

"If a well-coordinated cyberattack on the nation's power grid were to occur today, the time it would take to restore power would pose daunting national security challenges" -- John Everett, DARPA Program Manager


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Protecting Your Industrial Infrastructure - Where to Start

The growing significance of industrial cyber protection is a consequence of several security breaches that could happen in a manufacturing environment. These include incidents such exfiltration of industrial data, unauthorized access to industrial control systems, and manipulation of industrial...

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The WannaCry Wake-Up Call

The availability of military-grade cyber weapons on the open market disrupts the risk calculus for industrial cyber threats.

WannaCry ransomware just changed the game. The first warning came when Microsoft released security bulletin (MS17-010). A month later, EternalBlue was unleashed by Shadow...

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