S4x18 Preview


The 11th annual S4 Conference will take place in Miami Beach from January 16th – January 18th! S4 is the largest, most advanced ICS security, OT and IIoT event of the year.

Bayshore will once again serve as a sponsor and presenter. Here’s where you can find us throughout the three-day event:

  • Capture the Flag: Visit our engineering team Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Green Room and see if you can rise to their challenge(s)!
  • Cabana: Follow the action on Wednesday to Bayshore’s Cabana (Lower North, 6th from the walkway) for a live robot demo of our platform, fun party favors, and good times!
  • Presentation: Watch Dr. Vincent Trumel present the Current Threats and Protection Strategies for Industrial Systems on Tuesday, from 2:45 – 3:30pm on the Sponsor Stage.

Presentation: Current Threats and Protection Strategies for Industrial Systems

Today’s Industrial Systems are threatened by increasingly sophisticated attacks from an expanding breadth of internal and external vectors. There are, however, technological solutions that can identify and limit the propagation and effects of know IT or ICS-specific threats, as well as less malicious (but no less crippling), common issues such as device misconfiguration, human error, etc.

This presentation will describe and demonstrate new technologies capable of filtering traffic with a deep level of observation and contextual understanding. The audience will gain knowledge through specific use-cases, and learn tactics and methods for protecting against attacks on the cybersecurity infrastructure.

Presenter: Vincent Turmel, Ph.D., CISSP

Vincent_Turmel_Photo.jpgDr. Turmel has over 20 years of experience in process automation, holding roles in projects, application engineering, product management and consulting. During this time, Dr. Turmel advised major corporations on the automation and architecture of control systems, and how to keep them secure. He has conducted security assessments on industrial systems – ranging from the unit of a plant to global security assessment programs involving many sites.

Dr. Turmel is currently Senior Director, ICS at Bayshore Networks, where he helps Fortune 500 industrial and commercial corporations secure the critical link between their operations and the enterprise.

It’s Not Too Late – Get Your Ticket!

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