Don’t Drink the Water!

We take our community water supplies for granted, but these days we probably shouldn’t.

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Breaking Down the IDC Top 10 IoT Predictions for 2017

A new IDC FutureScape offers top 10 predictions for the Worldwide IoT in 2017.  The research evaluates 10 emerging trends and ranks them in terms of their likely impact across the enterprise and the time it will take each prediction to go mainstream (meaning the middle of bellcurve of...

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Take These Five Steps Now to Secure Critical Infrastructure

Protect industrial systems by executing these simple strategies before the next cyber attack.

Enough already with the cyber finger pointing.  It's Time to Act.

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S4 Presentation Preview - Evaluating Active Vs Passive Approaches to Securing the Industrial Internet of Things

S4 is coming soon! 

S4 is the largest and most advanced Operations Technology (OT) and ICS cyber security event in the world. It's aimed at the attendee who understands the basics of ICS, IT/OT and cyber security and craves more. More both in terms of the sessions, their fellow attendees and...
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Alice and Bob... in Some Strange Land

Posted by Dr. Edward G. AmorosoFormer SVP and CSO of AT&TCurrent CEO of TAG Cyber, LLCHoboken, NJ

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Bayshore Networks® featured in SNL Kagan

As reported by Deborah Yao, SNL Kagan:

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