CEO Corner - 2020 Bayshore in Review

To all our Employees, Customers, Partners, and Industry Colleagues,

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Is It Time To Consider Data Diodes to Protect Your Plants?

Bayshore is pleased to announce the launch of its latest purpose-built OT security appliance, SCADAwall, an industrial airgap bridge. Like SCADAfuse and OTaccess, SCADAwall is designed to be easy for OT engineers and operators to set up and use, without requiring corporate IT resources, or the...

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The “New Normal” - COVID-19 “At-Home” Workforce
We’re holding our collective breaths as we wait to see what will happen next with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Working remotely is suddenly the hot topic as businesses are trying to adapt to social distancing, and an at-home workforce. We at Bayshore have technology that provides this...
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The Significance of File Objects in IIoT/OT Security
"Many Cyber Security experts view file objects as purely elements in the IT space, but this is a dangerous oversight."- Andres Andreu, CTO of Bayshore Networks

Contrary to a common theme I have encountered in our industry, file objects (i.e. files) are a very relevant element in the ICS...

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OT Security: The Answers are within Your Data

In the evolution of the OT and IIoT, one of the most commonly overlooked areas within network security is: values in the data. Contextually, what I mean when I use the term: ”data” is, the data seen beyond network meta data (i.e. source address, source port, destination address, destination...

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Manufacturing Under Attack
"Targeted exploits with a bullseye on ICS environments will be the next big wave of attacks."- Andres Andreu, CTO of Bayshore Networks

Today’s manufacturing processes, for the most part, involve standardized, layered systems with in-depth production rules, guidelines and regulatory oversight....

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2018 ICS Security Predictions

We just closed another year in the ICS security industry, one filled with advanced (and exciting) product developments. We also saw an increased market awareness, with growing a emphasis on protecting industrial infrastructure.

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S4x18 Preview

The 11th annual S4 Conference will take place in Miami Beach from January 16th – January 18th! S4 is the largest, most advanced ICS security, OT and IIoT event of the year.

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IIoT: 8 Fun Facts

Bayshore Networks is passionate about keeping industrial technology secure. We find everything fascinating about IIOT. While others are reading TMZ or Sporting News we are reading up on the IIOT history, the now and the future. In this blog, we have compiled a list of 8 fun facts that you may...

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