Free Resource: Defend Against New Security Threats to Your Data Center

Defend Against New Security Threats in Your Data Center.png

The modern data center presents a well-known array of IT related security challenges, but an additional area of risk now arises from the operational technology (OT) equipment required to support and maintain the modern datacenter. These OT devices, which primarily relate to the physical operations and security of the data center itself, are now being connected to the Internet.

These digital connections create new attack vectors into the data center that are often overlooked or misunderstood.  In this white paper we explore addressing the top OT security challenges in todays data center:

  1. Understanding operational technology in the data center
  2. Identifying and assessing OT-based threats
  3. How to safeguard the data center with an IT/OT Gateway
  4. Preparing to meet future data center needs

Are you ready to start protecting your data center from harmful attacks? Download this white paper today.