Average Cost of a Cyber-Attack in Energy 
= $11,500,000


The Landscape

Energy presents perhaps the most pressing cyber threat risk today. Several widely publicized cyber attacks on energy utilities have proven that the threat is real.

The systems that comprise energy grids were designed with redundancy to resist natural and man-made disasters, but they were not designed to resist cyber threats. Utilities globally are implementing smart grid architectures at an increasing pace, connecting these systems has exposed dangerous and previously unforeseen cyber threats.

Bayshore protects power generation and distribution systems from cyber threats, stopping attacks before they can disrupt services and destroy critical infrastructure.

Protection for demand response sensor networks provides highly flexible response and interconnection; avoiding outages and operational errors; and ensuring operational compliance and safety at critical substation locations.

Bayshore identifies and protects vulnerable assets inside the sub-station and across transmission architectures, defending OT environments through detection and remediation threats on OT-protocol based industrial networks.


Ready to take advantage of these benefits?

  • System availability and downtime avoidance
  • End-to-end solution / integrated security
  • Support for new industrial internet use-cases (with near term ROI)
  • Multiple deployment options
  • More efficient operations via improved response time/ reduced service disruption risk

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