Average Cost of a Cyber-Attack in Manufacturing
= $2,280,000


Connecting means smarter factories, safer workers, and better business outcomes

Connecting industrial equipment, networks, and applications can drive significant economic benefits for automobile, heavy equipment, and machinery manufacturers, but also creates new cyber threat vectors and surfaces, including safety, downtime, operational disruptions, IP risk, and costly physical damage to equipment and products.


Cyber threats to factories affect safety, productivity, and intellectual property

Manufacturers have a primary requirement to ensure worker safety. Recent cyber-attacks on industrial plants have put safety at risk, causing damage, explosions, and shut-downs. Additionally, the cyber threat to intellectual property – from state sponsored actors and competitors – increases annually.


Bayshore protects factory systems so you can connect

Bayshore has extensive experience providing cyber protection for massive manufacturing networks, while allowing manufacturers to take advantage of the promise of connecting their industrial infrastructure. Bayshore operates at the machine transaction level, enabling the extremely granular filtration, segmentation, and isolation required to secure large-scale manufacturing infrastructure.


Ready to take advantage of these benefits?

  • Visibility across global-scale OT infrastructure
  • Increased worker safety, factory uptime, and reduced downtime
  • Enhanced predictive maintenance
  • Improved operational efficiency leading to increased revenue, reduced OPEX
  • Simplified reporting and compliance

See how Bayshore Networks can protect your auto manufacturing infrastructure with this free use case.

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