Average Cost of a Cyber-Attack in Utilities (including Water)
= $7,600,000


The Landscape

Public utilities are particularly exposed to cyber threats. Hackers have proven the relative ease with which vulnerabilities in utility industrial controls such as water valves and plant controls can be exploited. Unfortunately, attacks on high-profile targets, including chlorination facilities, and a dam in the United States, have already been reported.

Bayshore technology is designed to ensure safe and efficient operation of utilities such as water systems and treatment plants. The first step is to establish visibility into the industrial assets, identify vulnerabilities, and establish baseline expected behaviors. From there, Bayshore provides deep granular filtration of all network traffic, eliminating the ability of threat-actors to access critical assets.

Our unique ability to transform industrial data for use in business systems helps utilities identify and prioritize capital and OPEX reduction initiatives to improve overall processes efficiencies, ensure water cleanliness, and provide water safety.


Ready to take advantage of these benefits?

  • Visibility of assets across widely dispersed utility system infrastructure
  • Protection from cyber threats to utility system components
  • Avoidance of system downtime
  • Reduced risk of service disruptions
  • Increased public safety




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