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OTaccess logo-textOTaccess  delivers industrial secure remote access for  authorized users to reach plant assets from outside. unlike typical IT solutions as VPNs, access is controlled per protocol, per activity and per seat, by OT.


What makes OTaccess different than other secure remote access (SRA) solutions?

Superior to VPNs

OTaccess simplifies controls and manages user connections to ICS and SCADA more precisely with in-depth knowledge of the control engineering environment. Access can be controlled per protocol + per activity + per seat in a combination customizable for your environment.

Deployment flexibility

OTaccess has the flexibility to allow each customer to determine whether they want an on-premises hardware solution or a cloud service for the OTaccess server. It supports encrypted micro-tunnels, two-factor authentication, and Microsoft Active Directory users and groups and an array of remote users: at-home employees, third party suppliers, contractors, and industrial equipment manufacturers.

Advanced, Active Policy Enforcement

OTaccess has the option to automatically and actively respond at machine speed to protect ICS and SCADA as determined by OT. This allows the process to continue while high risk activities are investigated separately.

OTaccessTM Deployment Architecture 

Table Featurer

OTaccess Features Comparison


OTaccess is a competitive alternative to both generic enterprise IT VPN products and software-defined networking tools. It offers native policy controls for OT protocols and supports single pane of glass administration via a customer’s private cloud instance of the management portal.



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