OTfuse is the Ultimate Protection for PLCs

  • OTfuse offers turnkey protection for PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices
  • Native support for modbus, Ethernet/IP, S7, DNP3, BACnet, SLMP, FINS, EGD
  • Reports via modbus to HMIs
  • syslog and email alerting
  • Hardware authentication for setup/admin
  • Standard DIN rail enclosure, 24VDC power
  • Easily set up in <1 hour

OTfuse sits in front of critical endpoints, protecting PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices from unauthorized use, dangerous instructions and activities, and remote takeover from hostile sources. It features a bypass port pair for data in/out, requires no re-addressing of the network or assets, and is fully self-contained. No remote management console is required for setup or maintenance.

There are Two Models of OTfuse:


OTfuse Offers the Following Default Controls:

* OTfuse Premium Only




Screenshot #1: Learned Activity During Initial Setup



Screenshot #2:  Summary of Available and Active Security Controls

Sales / Partnerships

Toll Free: (844) 200-7181


Technical Support

Toll Free: (844) 200-6546


Download OTfuse Datasheet Here:

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