Bayshore Networks Announces Pricing and Availability for Beacon

Secure remote access for OT networks is available with embedded Bayshore policy engine and flexible subscription options for users and endpoints

Bayshore Networks, the leading provider of OT security policy monitoring and enforcement, has announced the release of Beacon™, the first dedicated secure remote access solution for mission-critical OT environments in any industry or geography.

“Beacon is a simple, lightweight, secure solution for OT environments where multiple third-party vendors and their own remote access solutions would otherwise have to be managed individually,” said Kevin Senator, CEO of Bayshore Networks. “It can be provisioned easily and works well for managed service providers looking to extend their reach into the industrial cybersecurity market,” he continued.

Beacon combines a cloud-based web management interface for customer administrators with an onsite Beacon Endpoint Gateway software client. Remote users, using their own instance of the client software, connect first to the cloud access point. There, user credentials are validated with Microsoft® Active Directory® before connections are proxied over an existing SSL connection into the Beacon Endpoint Gateway. This SSL connection can only be initiated from within the customer’s environment outbound to the cloud, so no holes are required from external sources through perimeter firewalls.

The Beacon Endpoint Gateway then proxies connections again, enabling remote users to connect to only the explicitly-approved service and port as configured by the company administrator. No springboarding or other general-purpose network access is possible.

The Bayshore Policy Engine allows content-based policy enforcement based on the specific enabled protocol and activity patterns within the messages the remote user wishes to send into the OT environment. For example, an enabled endpoint configured for Modbus traffic can be configured to permit the remote user to have only Read permissions, or instead to be able to Read and Write.

Beacon subscriptions are priced both by the number of permitted users and the number of enabled endpoints. Customers can choose 1-, 2-, or 3-year terms, or can purchase a monthly subscription at a small premium. Pricing begins at $5495/yr for 10 users and 10 endpoints, and reseller discounts are available for strategic managed service providers wishing to work with Bayshore on its portfolio of OT Cybersecurity products.

More information can be found at and the online ecommerce gateway for direct purchases of subscriptions will be online starting September 28, 2019.

About Bayshore Networks

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