Bayshore IT/OT Gateway Product Sheet | Download pdf

Bayshore SingleKey™ delivers and enforces policies across the industrial environment.

SingleKey deploys from the cloud, via virtual machine, or via on-prem appliance.

SingleKey supports the full range of OT device protocols. OT devices typically handle less than 100 Mbps, so SingleKey’s ultra high-speed is more than fast enough. SingleKey typically plugs into the industrial switch at the choke point in the Data Center where it has access to all industrial application network traffic flows. It can also deploy inline (for example, from a SPAN port). Legacy Industrial Controls security solutions don’t have the policy flexibility to provide SingleKey’s level of security.

Off-the-shelf, SingleKey provides security for SCADA-based and other OT environments. It delivers the industry’s most powerful line of defense at a time when attacks on critical infrastructure and Industrial Control systems are increasing in sophistication, frequency and scale. It can inspect the industrial protocols of SCADA devices, PLCs, DCSs, and other industrial controls equipment.

SingleKey extensively leverages Bayshore’s deep content inspection and flexible policy configuration technologies. An example of the flexibility: it can allow one external user at an industrial control firm to only read diagnostics on the PLCs on assembly line 10, while another external user is only allowed to read robot-status data on assembly lines 20 and 30.

Some advantages of SingleKey include:

  • It can be used as a production zone appliance that can selectively block network transactions based on content.  Along with security, this improves safety and efficiency.
  • It can be used as a very powerful sensor for industrial automation and processes. This enables predictive maintenance, better compliance, reduced downtime and cost savings.
  • It can be embedded into products to secure the Commercial IoT. This extends security, safety and efficiency benefits to our customer’s customers.