Bayshore Policies

Bayshore “Yextend” Utility for Yara

SAP IFG Community Webinar Showcasing SAP HANA Integration

Bayshore Policy for Inspecting and Blocking Layer 7 Traffic on HTTPS


Cybersecurity for an Industrial Internet Application

Bayshore Integration with SAP HANA Showing Advanced Robot Analytics

Bayshore Policy for Creating DLP “Categorizer” Tags to Protect High-Value Intellectual Property

Bayshore Policy for Blocking DeviceID Functions over Modbus TCP

Bayshore Policy for Protecting Data Levels over DNP3

Bayshore Policy for Protecting Against Maliciously Crafted DNP3 Packets

Bayshore Policy for Protecting Against DNP3 Packet Overruns

Interactive Water Pump Demo: Bayshore Policy for Setting Data Value Thresholds over Modbus TCP
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Bayshore Yextend Utility for Yara

Yextend Utility for Yara

Yextend Malware Detection Policy

Yextend Content Inspection