White Papers

  • Bayshore White Paper: “Defend Against New Security Threats to Your Data Center” | Download pdf
  • IIC White Paper (Bayshore among contributors): “The Business Viewpoint of Securing the Industrial Internet – Executive Overview” | Download pdf

Analyst Reports

  • IDC “Key Considerations for Securing the Industrial Internet” by Christina Richmond | Download pdf
  • IDC “Vendor Profile” by Christina Richmond & Pete Lindstrom | Download pdf
  • IDC “Advancing Industrial Internet Security: Convergence of IT with OT” by Abhi Dugar | Download pdf
  • Ovum Research “On the Radar” by Rik Turner | Download pdf
  • MachNation Recommends 5 IoT Security Vendors |Download pdf

Case Studies

  • Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company
    Use Case: Secure Access to Production Zones | Download pdf
  • Fortune 100 Industrial Enterprise
    Use Case: Next-Generation DLP | Download pdf
  • Bayshore for Oil & Gas
    Use Case: L7 Network Segregation and Isolation | Download pdf

Product Slicks