Scrutiny for OT Networks

Scrutiny is Bayshore’s OT asset discovery and flow visualization tool. It lets an OT network operator build a record of all devices on their network, organized by which ports and protocols are in use, and what source/destination pairs are active.


Scrutiny can process offline packet capture files, or work on live network interfaces. It runs as a Windows desktop application, and will require administrative rights for the live packet capture feature.

  • Simple ICS asset & flow discovery
  • Free to use yourself
  • Run periodically to find:
    • New/unexpected assets
    • Suspicious network activity
    • Dangerous network connectivity


Download Scrutiny Datasheet

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Bayshore licenses Scrutiny at no cost to end users, but registration and license agreement is required. Thank you for the interest, we hope the output is helpful toward proactive steps you can take to ensure business continuity.


The process to receive the software and manuals is:

  1. Register your interest to download the software and manual by completing the form below. We will require a work email, and validation that you are a legitimate user.
  2. Upon approval, we will send you the online EULA, once approved, we will receive notice.
  3. At that point, a link to the software and manual will be emailed to you.

We welcome your feedback on Scrutiny for OT Networks. We will be enhancing it a bit over time, but please note that Bayshore will be unable to provide active technical support for Scrutiny beyond delivering the user’s guide, and it will be provided ‘as-is’ with no warranty, express or implied.


Email us your outcomes! How useful is the tool? How have you used it, and what findings have you uncovered (in general – you can be as specific, or non-specific as you feel needed). – Thanks!

Download Scrutiny Datasheet Here:

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