Industrial Cyber

Protection Solution

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Bayshore actively protects your organization from cyber threat, so you can safely and securely connect to the Industrial Internet.

Easy Deployment

Our automated Learning Engine collects and summarizes OT network behaviors into a baseline, creating ready-to-deploy policies. Those policies, in combination with additional out-of-the-box policies, allow our Pallaton™ Policy Enforcement Engine to provide easy-to-deploy protection.

Integrity & Availability Assurance

An industrial cyber-attack can cost your organization time, money and irreparable damage. Bayshore does more than alert you of a potential threat, we actively prevent attacks, so your organization can safely and securely continue operations.

Unmatched OT Expertise

The Bayshore solution was built by experts in industrial control systems, machine-to-machine communications, and cyber security. We have the most extensive list of Industrial protocol handlers available and the most robust, ready-to-use security policies by asset class.

Deep Integration Capabilities

Bayshore accepts feeds from third parties, including OT-specific Threat Intelligence sources. Additionally, we export OT visibility data into existing SIEM/SOC environments.