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Whatever your next industrial cyber initiative – from better understanding your current risk profile, to safeguarding today’s critical infrastructure, to connecting to the emerging Industrial Internet – Bayshore has a cyber protection solution to fit your needs.

Bayshore’s Industrial Cyber Protection Platform offers best in class solutions for today, pre-integrated to grow with you as you’re ready, and architected for the scale and extensibility you’ll need for tomorrow.

Industrial Asset Visibility

Bayshore’s automated discovery engine maps and monitors all industrial network elements. Fast. Non-disruptively. In minutes, you’ll receive action-ready insights to optimize and protect your OT environment, including protocols, sources, destinations, manufacturers, models, and anomalies. From environmental changes to policy violations nothing gets by Bayshore’s granular content filtration undetected. Even low-risk, or normal changes can be flagged for validation and follow up. And, of course, all reporting can be integrated into SIEM/SOC and forensic analysis tools of choice.

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Industrial Cyber Protection

Industrial cyber threats operate in real-time intending to destroy physical infrastructure. Action must be taken instantly to prevent catastrophic consequences. Only Bayshore offers active alerting and optional blocking of unauthorized communication and commands to prevent cyber threats from affecting targeted objects and data.Bayshore operates at line speed, and protection is provided at a fine-grained transaction level, enabling authorized traffic and normal workflows to continue unimpeded even in the face of ongoing cyberattacks.

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Data Center

Critical industrial data and telemetry is often buried in cryptic and arcane OT protocols. Bayshore transforms this valuable information into formats consumable by business applications. Advanced analytics, big data, and machine learning can then drive digital transformation and six sigma process improvement initiatives providing significant reductions in cost, waste, energy consumption, and delivering meaningful improvements in safety, efficiency, quality, and timeliness.

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Managed Remote Access

Bayshore’s Managed Remote Access solution creates an on-demand, encrypted, policy-protected bi-directional tunnel between remote users and your industrial infrastructure. Not only is access limited to authorized users and assets, but administrators have complete control over actions taken via the link. Bayshore Managed Remote Access enforces authentication, authorization, white lists, and other security controls at the device command and individual transaction level.

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Industrial Internet

When you are ready to take advantage of the Industrial Internet, Bayshore’s bi-directional, access-controlled, and policy-protected tunnels safely and securely link your organization with chosen IIoT partners. No longer does connecting mean opening a port with no visibility or control over what occurs on the ensuing link. With Bayshore access is limited to specific sources, destinations, and conditions, in addition content and context are controlled by policy so that every element of communication between your organization and the external ecosystem can be verified, alerted, or blocked if necessary.

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