Industrial Asset Visibility

You can't protect what you can't see


Always learning

Bayshore’s automated learning engine continuously monitors industrial traffic adapting to observations. Combining advanced threat intelligence from both public and exclusive private sources, with Bayshore’s own deep industrial cyber protection expertise, initial out-of-the-box policies establish and maintain a baseline of acceptable behaviors.


Discover OT Assets. Map & Monitor OT Networks.

Bayshore’s automated discovery engine maps and monitors all industrial network elements. Fast. Non-disruptively. In minutes, you’ll receive action-ready insights to optimize and protect your OT environment, including protocols, sources, destinations, manufacturers, models, and anomalies or violations of baseline policies.


Always on guard

No technology matches the depth of Bayshore’s traffic filtration. Going far deeper than packet, signature, or payload, Bayshore inspects full messages regardless of protocol for both content and context at the transaction level. From environmental changes, baseline anomalies, to policy violations nothing gets by Bayshore undetected. Even low-risk, or normal changes can be flagged for validation and follow up. And, of course, all reporting can be integrated into SIEM/SOC and forensic analysis tools of choice.


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