Industrial Internet

Protect your assets before you connect

A fourth industrial revolution is underway

Driven by the interconnection of physical infrastructure and systems that control it. The industrial internet of things (IIoT), or just the Industrial Internet, is changing how products and services are designed, manufactured, sold, delivered, and operated.

This interconnection of critical industrial infrastructure is unlocking vast potential:

  • Efficiencies (cost cutting, six sigma process improvements, safety, raw material reduction, pollution reduction, and more)
  • Transformation (new ways to meet existing needs - elimination of supply chain components, new go to market structures, 3D printing/manufacturing, etc)
  • Innovation (new needs, products, services, industries)

But interconnection requires protection

In fact, concerns about security are the #1 cause of friction in implementing IIoT. As PwC recently stated,

“Digital ecosystems can only function efficiently if all parties involved can trust in the security of their data and communication, as well as the protection of their intellectual property.”

When you are ready

When you are ready to interconnect your industrial infrastructure and data to take advantage of all the Industrial Internet has to offer, Bayshore enables the establishment of bi-directional, access-controlled, and policy-protected tunnels between your organization and your chosen IIoT partners.

No longer does interconnection mean opening a port with no visibility or control over what occurs on the ensuing link.

No other cyber security approach even comes close

Not only is access limited to specific sources and destinations, content and context is also controlled by policy so that every element of communication between the organization and its external IIoT ecosystem can be verified, alerted, and blocked if necessary.

No other cyber security approach even comes close to Bayshore’s ability to deliver secure remote connectivity to 3rd party individuals and applications while protecting the industrial assets of the organization.


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