Managed Remote Access

Protection means control over access and actions

Don’t just provide secure remote access. Manage it.

Allowing vendors to remotely access industrial equipment for maintenance and troubleshooting offers obvious advantages. Providing industrial data to service providers may help improve business outcomes.

However, opening industrial infrastructure to 3rd parties creates significant risk. Traditional VPNs can help with controlling access, but once a connection is made, owner/operators have no way to know or control the actions that remote users undertake on their open ports.

The porous lack of cyber protection provided by VPNs is simply unacceptable in the industrial world.

Bayshore’s Managed Remote Access solution goes far beyond traditional VPNs to create an on-demand, encrypted, policy-protected, bi-directional tunnel between remote users and your industrial infrastructure. No longer does interconnection mean opening a port with no visibility or control over what occurs on the ensuing link.

With Bayshore every element of communication between you and 3rd parties is verified, managed, and blocked if necessary.

With Bayshore, not only is access limited to authorized users and assets, but administrators have complete control over actions taken via the link. Bayshore Managed Remote Access enforces authentication, authorization, white lists, and other security controls at the device command and individual transaction level.

For example, administrators can allow a 3rd party vendor to remotely monitor, manage, or troubleshoot only specific pre-authorized assets, using only selected pre-approved commands. Access, visibility, and control is blocked for that same vendor elsewhere in the infrastructure.

No other cyber protection approach even comes close to Bayshore’s ability to deliver managed remote connectivity while protecting the industrial assets of the organization.


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