Bayshore Data Center Product Sheet | Download pdf
Bayshore White Paper “Defend Against New Security Threats to Your Data Center” | Download pdf

The industrial infrastructures of today’s data centers are vulnerable, exposed, and at high risk. Bayshore provides granular network controls and policies that are optimized for ensuring the safety and security of data center itself.

Despite the increased threat of cyber attack around the world, most Data Centers and their associated Building Automation Systems have no Industrial Controls security policies in place. Vulnerabilities are everywhere.

Inside risks are exacerbated by convenience ports and weak control-system computers, which are often running outdated versions of Windows. Convenience ports enable the appearance of non-industrial traffic on the industrial system, which could introduce malware and provide additional attack apertures. Data Centers and Building Automation Systems present diverse environments that weren’t intended to be connected to networks or the Internet. So standard IT security practices are ineffective.

The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway collects Data Center telemetry (Building Automation, power, cooling, fire, etc.) and integrates it with Threat Management intel, automatically helping defend against known attack vectors. Bayshore’s cloud-based policy has the following features:

    • Intrusion detection
    • Inbound & outbound policy enforcement and protection
    • Network segmentation
    • Access management
    • Support for BACnet and proprietary industrial protocols