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Bayshore  inspects, dissects and filters industrial application data flowing through Operational Technology (OT) networks and Industrial Controls Systems (ICS).

The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway enables our customers to rapidly secure IoT and OT data and transactions in Manufacturing, the Power grid, Oil & Gas and Critical infrastructure. The gateway deploys as a cloud-based service and is optionally available as a virtual machine or on-prem appliance. The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway provides the following value:

  • Prevents attacks and secures access to machines and processes, and data.
  • Prevents disruptions and enhances operational efficiency and continuity at scale.
  • Enforces operational policies.
  • Ensures personal safety in OT zones.
  • Provides IT with complete visibility into OT operations.
  • Enables OT with faster, more agile deployment of critical analytics.

Every Bayshore Gateway product includes the Bayshore Pallaton policy engine. With its advanced understanding of data protocols, Pallaton can create content-based rules and policies for proprietary protocols and protocol variants.

The diagram below shows a typical deployment of the Bayshore IT/OT Gateway in an industrial setting.