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The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway policy-driven cybersecurity platform monitors and improves safety conditions in your plant.

Bayshore Plant Safety can help make sure you are in compliance with safety regulations. But it can also help ensure that your equipment is safe to use and that your operating environment is safe for your production workers.

With Bayshore’s policy flexibility, safety concerns are analogous to threat intelligence in our security use cases. Concerns might include operating equipment or processes in an unsafe manner, or in a costly manner that wastes resources.

Multiple assembly lines or operations plants can be controlled with one set of redundant Bayshore Gateways, with one single point of management. Northbound and southbound communications enable you to effectively impose safety controls on your Gateway environment and to see when safety problems are occurring.

Bayshore provides the following Plant Safety advantages:

  • Flexibility to report on operational characteristics of equipment and processes.
  • Extensibility to allow you to add your own “watch” variables to monitor for safety concerns.
  • Reporting that alerts you when safety problems are occurring.