The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway continuously generates detailed, process-specific data that you can leverage for predictive maintenance.

In a high-volume operation in margin-constrained businesses, such as industrial manufacturing, it is a pre-requisite to save money by making operational processes more efficient.

The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway platform is ideally positioned to look at your operational network traffic, enabling remote and on-premises access. From this vantage point, it can apply Layer 7 content-aware control techniques to help pinpoint the relevant data for predictive maintenance analytics. It collects data from across the network environment and routes it to analytics engines for examination by performance experts.

Predictive analytics based on Bayshore output can:

  • Help you determine when problems will occur, such as the failure of critical applications, network connections, or equipment.
  • Be aggregated over time to determine trends, best practices, and new opportunities for operational efficiencies.