Bayshore Energy Utilities Product Sheet | Download pdf

The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway keeps you in sync with the increasingly complex regulations faced by companies in your industry.

Today’s industrial organizations must contend with the ongoing pressure of regulatory compliance. Regulators are constantly requiring two things: more controls and more reports. Fortunately, the same flexibility that enables the Bayshore platform to help secure your environment also helps you enforce constraints on your operations and equipment to comply with existing regulations.

Further, Regulatory Compliance leverages Bayshore’s protocol validation capabilities. This enables you to keep pace with this pressure, by guiding you to comply with operational standards such as:

Bayshore features a policy creation and enforcement engine that can be configured to automatically comply with regulatory requirements. The advantages of the Bayshore platform include:

  1. Tailored Controls. Bayshore enables you to rapidly deploy controls packages for specific regulators and regulations. It is straightforward for the policy language to express regulatory and operational constraints.
  2. Custom Compliance. Bayshore’s XML extensibility enables you to build your own rule sets based on regulatory guidelines.
  3. Improved Operations/Lower Risk. Bayshore increases operational efficiencies while decreasing the financial risk associated with a lack of compliance and penalties.