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Bayshore secures production zones and enables your partners – vendors, consultants, contractors, etc. – to securely access automation equipment on your factory floor.

Because of security concerns, industrial organizations are hesitant to enable remote communications from outside users to your factory floor environment. But enabling remote access can trigger strategic cost-savings and efficiency-oriented applications such as remote diagnostics, support, and even predictive maintenance.

L7 Capabilities. The Bayshore IT/OT Gateway instills confidence in who each remote access user is, what they can do, and where they can go. Its flexible configuration and Layer 7 inspection capabilities (e.g., read-write) enable specific partners and vendors to execute only specific transactions on specific equipment.

Line of Sight. When you are responsible for monitoring something in a plant you need to be able to see it. The Bayshore platform’s content-aware inspection enables Line of Sight monitoring via Secure Remote Access. It also enables you to remotely write to equipment such as robots and change their operational characteristics. Line of Sight also helps to ensure plant safety principals are followed.

With the Bayshore IT/OT Gateway, you can:

  • Inspect each remote access transaction at the data level.
  • Restrict transactions that remote access users can execute.
  • Allow remote users to access some transactions and not others.
  • Restrict access over Ethernet IP or HTTP (as examples) to a particular machine.
  • Enforce access to IP address zones and specific machines.