IT/OT Gateway Threat Intel Capabilities Sheet | Download pdf

Bayshore automates the protection of industrial control systems by integrating threat intel with policy enforcement capabilities.

Based on a policy creation and enforcement engine, the Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™ provides the most comprehensive threat intel protection and enablement capabilities in the industry. The policy engine addresses known industrial threats by automatically converting threat intel feeds into actionable policy. It also protects against unknown industrial threats with its ability to granularly inspect and filter application- and protocol-layer content.

Bayshore is able to detect, segment, block and isolate industrial data, including machine instructions. This fills in the security gaps that make today’s industrial enterprises vulnerable to targeted attacks. Today’s IT security solutions do not support access-control models that are aware of industrial data transactions at this deeply detailed level.

Bayshore is effective at identifying malicious software programs, executables, scripts, active content, and so on. Our customers commonly use the IT/OT Gateway to provide protection against industrial malware and other deep content-oriented threats. By leveraging threat intelligence research and properly configured policy conditions, Bayshore can help prevent the types of high-profile industrial hacks that have recently made news including the StuxNet, BlackEnergy, Irongate, Jeep and German Steel Mill attacks.

Off the shelf, Bayshore supports external threat intelligence feeds, including both open and closed source remote feeds based on TAXII™, STIX™ and CybOX™. The Bayshore SingleView™ management component ingests the feeds and automatically enforces them as Bayshore Pallaton™ policies.