Built and improved over the past 7 years, Bayshore’s products all share the Bayshore Policy Engine, which provides comprehensive deep packet inspection, and flexible policy controls for a wide range of industrial OT network protocols.

Bayshore is the Leader for Practical Cybersecurity Solutions for the Water and Wastewater Sector

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Water Safety

Information Security and a Practical Approach to the Defense of Water Systems


Solution Capabilities



SCADAfuse sits in front of critical endpoints, protecting PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices from unauthorized use, dangerous instructions and activities, and remote takeover from hostile sources.

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OTaccess provides secure, granular remote access, more precise any VPN. Access is controlled per protocol + per activity + per seat in a combination unique to your environment. OTaccess ensures OT assets and network cannot be remotely manipulated outside of line of sight.

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SCADAwall transfers data without exposing machines to an untrusted network. It’s unidirectional data diode functionality provides an airgap bridge to limit and enable communications from sensitive, restricted assets.

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