We Believe Industrial Cybersecurity Needs to be Practical and Affordable 

Bayshore Networks builds solutions to support the real world that ICS/OT Security professionals must confront today, exponential growth in security threats, and a limited resource of human capital that understands security and the production environment.

Bayshore's Modular Industrial Cybersecurity Platform ties together a holistic approach to address the immediate needs our customers may have, and yet can still scale with their growth over time.



OTfuse is an intelligent industrial intrusion prevention system (IPS) that sits at the cabinet level, in front of critical endpoints. It creates a secure zone for protecting PLCs, DCS, VFDs and IoT systems from unplanned or unauthorized use, Dangerous instructions and activity, and remote takeover from hostile sources.

What Makes Bayshore Unique?

Bayshore Networks offers practical solutions by practical OT/ICS security professionals. We understand that many do not have the budget and personnel resources to deploy products with lofty goals that are “noisy” with alerts and data that could not possibly be analyzed and acted upon accurately in real time.

Bayshore provides immediately usable, real world solutions to allow you to communicate or stop activity or attacks in real time, with a real-world budget.


Bayshore Technology Pillars


Practical Help for Plant Operations with Limited Resources

Automated Policy Learning

Deep Contect Inspection

Policy Enforcement

Three Pillars
PallatonTM Policy Enforcement Platform, BlackKettle Self-Learning Engine

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