Stop Industrial Cyber Threats Before They Start.

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A new industrial revolution is underway.

The collection, analysis, and sharing of industrial data will add trillions of dollars to the global economy over the next decade.

This data-driven Industrial Internet promises to enhance efficiency, improve processes, increase uptime, cut emissions, and yes, save lives.

The drawback?

A dramatic increase in cyber threats and consequences.

Bayshore protects your infrastructure and data so you can confidently connect to the future.

The Bayshore Industrial Cyber Protection Platform



Automatic, non-disruptive discovery engine maps and monitors industrial assets



Deep, fine-grained content filtration detects anomalies, deviations, known and 0-day threats



Policy engine applies logic-rich contextual awareness, thwarting cyberattacks and incidents before they cause damage



Protocol interpreter transforms industrial data and telemetry to business relevant formats for integration and analysis



Controlled access and limited sharing enable safe and secure interconnection with 3rd party suppliers and services to connect to the Industrial Internet


From connecting electric grids to better share energy, to increasing factory efficiency and uptime in heavy manufacturing, to protecting our environment and public water supplies, the opportunities of the Industrial Internet are broad and growing.

As are the attack surfaces and consequences of cyber threats. Bayshore has deep experience across a variety of industries in protecting infrastructure and enabling interconnection.

“Bayshore’s in-depth understanding of the industrial environment and protocols helps enterprises overcome industrial security concerns and derive benefits that can help improve overall operational efficiency.”

— Frost & Sullivan


Safeguard critical infrastructure. Share industrial data.
Change the world.

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