VTech Hack Shows Why Parents Have to Stay Ahead of the Game

Bayshore Blog Post: Financial Times

December 3, 2015

From Hannah Kuchler in Financial Times: Vulnerability of children using internet-enabled toys is highlighted by data theft

Hannah Kuchler reports that VTech, a Hong Kong-based toymaker, was attacked by a cyber criminal last month, highlighting how the rise of connected toys has made children vulnerable in ways their parents may not have imagined.

VTech, which specializes in educational toys, has confirmed that the data of five million parents and their children were stolen. But the company would not say whether the hacker had obtained the photos, audio files and chat messages, as it continues to investigate.

The hacker has not been identified, but Motherboard, the technology news site that originally reported the attack, published redacted images and other files that it said the attacker had passed to it. The site added that the hacker said he had downloaded 190GB worth of photos.

According to Anne Collier, founder and president of NetFamilyNews.org, one problem is that parents are often unaware of how many ways their children can get online.

Kirby Wadsworth

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