S4 Presentation Preview - Evaluating Active Vs Passive Approaches to Securing the Industrial Internet of Things


S4 is coming soon! 

S4 is the largest and most advanced Operations Technology (OT) and ICS cyber security event in the world. It's aimed at the attendee who understands the basics of ICS, IT/OT and cyber security and craves more. More both in terms of the sessions, their fellow attendees and social events.
Bayshore will play a big role in this year's S4. At the Cabanas Wednesday afternoon we'll be offering a powerful demonstration of our ability to protect the industrial infrastructure from cyber attack - along with a bevy of poolside party favors. And don't miss Bayshore's presentation in the sponsor theater, Thursday at 1:00pm - it's bound to make some waves!

Bayshore's Chief Scientist Francis Cianfrocca is Presenting

"Evaluating Active Vs Passive Approaches to Securing the Industrial Internet of Things" 

Calling A Sick Baby Ugly Won't Save Her Life... But Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?

As IT and OT networks, systems, and cultures converge, many claims and counterclaims pitting active vs. passive approaches against each other are clouding the truth. Architects and executives concerned with ensuring the safety and security of critical industrial assets must understand the critical differences in these technologies as they map about IIoT security strategies. This talk will provide a vendor and technology neutral review of available options.

Listeners will learn:

  • The technical differences between passive and active, in-band, out-of-band, and hybrid approaches
  • Trade-offs, overlaps, and gaps in each approach
  • When to use what – in building a comprehensive best of breed IIoT security posture

Francis Cianfrocca – one of the leading experts, architects, and inventors working in industrial cyber security today, and chairman of the IIC’s IT/OT Task Force – will apply his inimitable and entertaining style to help clarify this challenging subject by outlining the strengths, weaknesses, considerations, and concerns on both sides of the debate.

  • Sponsor Stage Presentation: Thursday January 12th, 2017 at 1pm
  • Jackie Gleason Theater, Sponsor Stage


Bayshore Wants to Give You a Discount

As a sponsor and exhibitor Bayshore cordially invites you to attend S4x17 in Miami South Beach on January 10-12Register here to attend.  Enter the discount code “bayshore” to get 20% off your admission price!

See you in Sunny Miami!

Kirby Wadsworth

As Chief Marketing Officer at Bayshore Networks, Kirby is on a mission to educate and inspire leaders to act now to protect our industrial infrastructure - and our way of life - from cyber threats. Bringing more than two decades of executive leadership in both public enterprises and emerging startups, Kirby is a published author, keynote speaker, teacher, and frequent contributor to over 20,000 online followers.