Our vision

Our vision is to provide the market with the most robust, easy-to-deploy active protection solution for OT environments.

Our award-winning Industrial Cyber Protection solution enables the secure sharing of industrial data while ensuring protection against cyber threats targeting industrial plants, equipment, and people.

Bayshore provides active Policy Enforcement – via our Pallaton™ Policy Enforcement Engine –  and protection, with the ability prevent costly and damaging cyber-attacks, allowing normal business operations to continue while the OT environment remains safe and unharmed in the face of cyber threat.  We give organizations with industrial infrastructure peace-of-mind, enabling them to unlock the business benefits and operational efficiencies heralded by the Industrial Internet. 

Built by OT experts and designed for the OT environment, Bayshore boasts the most extensive list of Industrial protocol handlers available and the most robust, ready-to-use security policies by asset class.   Our goal is to keep the OT environment safe while giving our customers the ability to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and accelerate business results.

Our History

Bayshore’s solution was built by experienced ICS professionals who recognized that a traditional enterprise firewall would not effectively secure a complex industrial environment, particularly at the lower levels of the Purdue Model. Additionally, the standard set of protocols and signatures that exist in the enterprise environment do not exist in an OT environment.

So, Bayshore’s founders identified a need for a solution that combines the traditional blacklisting capabilities of a firewall with whitelisting functionality (whitelisting of allowable activity in each local Workstation, HMI or controller). At Bayshore, we believe this is the only comprehensive protection solution for an ICS Network.

Industrial Network Protection from Bayshore

Active Protection for Most OT Protocols

Bayshore supports a wide, growing range of OT (as well as IT) protocols, which are required to protect the production environment.

Automated Learning Engine

Bayshore’s powerful Learning Engine establishes baseline behaviors among the industrial assets in the OT network, creating a whitelist of normal or approved applications. The Learning Engine automatically generates policies designed to protect industrial infrastructure.

Policy Enforcement Engine

Bayshore’s Pallaton Policy Enforcement Engine™ enforces both whitelisting (out-of-the-box, Learning Engine generated, or manually crafted) and blacklisting (based on threat intelligence and known exploits) policies. 

In-Line Protection Deployment

Because the Bayshore solution can be deployed in-line, it can prevent unwanted traffic from interfering with a protected OT environment (in addition to providing alerts).