Three Ways to Protect Your Business: Using an Industrial Airgap Bridge

In May and early June, cybercriminals have used Ekans/Snake ransomware to hold hostage businesses such as automaker Honda, Enel Energy and medical provider Frenesius. The attacks prevented these businesses from accessing vital files and systems until a ransom is paid and temporarily affected widespread shutdowns of their operations.

Join Toby Weir-Jones, Chief Product Officer at Bayshore Networks, to learn about active protection that can help isolate and shield your company's digital and cyber-physical assets from disruption, yet keep information flowing from plant resources to corporate data centers.

You will learn:

  • A short synopsis of specific attack vectors that can be resolved with active protection
  • How to isolate and protect specific network segments where business-critical assets reside
  • A checklist of areas to strengthen in your operations


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