Webinar: Remote Access for your "New Normal"- COVID-19 "At Home" Workforce

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Remote employees, third party contractors, maintenance technicians, and management are a tough problem for ensuring safe remote access into production OT environments. The COVID-19 pandemic makes it more important than ever to be able to securely manage remote access for our new "at home" workforces. VPNs only authenticate at the edge, and when a session first connects. What about protecting actions taken on assets within the network, and throughout the duration of the session?

Join Toby Weir-Jones, Chief Product Officer for Bayshore Networks for a look at how OTaccess™ can ease your way to controlling remote access into your OT networks and critical assets. Quarantine that dangerous activity before it ever enters your plant!

Watch the Webinar: "Remote Access for your "New Normal"- COVID-19 "At Home" Workforce"