Average Cost of a Cyber-Attack on Government
= $6,500,000

The Landscape

Bayshore is used to protect weapons systems, transportation systems, surveillance and reconnaissance equipment, communications infrastructure, and other military and government assets. Bayshore policies have the flexibility to adapt to all 16 critical infrastructure sectors identified by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Bayshore integrates threat intelligence with policy enforcement capabilities, supporting external threat intelligence feeds, including both open and closed source remote feeds based on TAXII, STIX and CybOX.

Bayshore addresses known threats by automatically converting threat intelligence feeds into actionable policy, and protects against unknown threats by granular inspection and filtration of application and protocol content.

Bayshore is highly effective at identifying malicious software programs, executables, scripts, active content, malware attacks, and other deep content-oriented threats.

Ready to take advantage of these benefits?

  • Protection of inherent vulnerabilities associated with Internet connection
  • Protection of attacks from remote locations
  • Reduction of risk associated with access to critical information
  • Off-the-shelf threat intelligence to locate and block threats to disrupt, steal or attack
  • Protocol support for critical infrastructure such as the power grid and the defense industrial base

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