Oil and Gas

Average Cost of a Cyber-Attack in Oil and Gas
= $12,800,000

The Landscape

New cyber security threats to the Oil and Gas infrastructure are emerging every day, risking safety, environment, downtime, operational disruptions, and costly physical damage to plants, machines, and products.

Bayshore inspects machine-specific industrial protocol traffic such as upstream and downstream telemetry from oil field equipment. Cyber threats are eliminated before they reach critical equipment, protecting OT applications, networks, machines, and workers.

Additionally, Bayshore’s Managed Remote Access solution allows owner/operators to grant tightly controlled access to 3rd parties, such as equipment vendors, for maintenance and troubleshooting. This can be especially valuable for offshore and remote operations.

Bayshore protects refinery operations, filtering process control system network traffic and eliminating unauthorized commands and attempts to exfiltrate valuable information.

Ready to take advantage of these benefits?

  • Improve end-to-end industrial asset visibility
  • Mitigate cyber threat risks
  • Provide Managed Remote Access for selected 3rd parties
  • Secure remote data sources and sensors
  • Protect field assets from emerging threats
  • Improve process optimization and predictive maintenance
  • Improve distribution efficiency and ROI
  • Enable transformation of industrial data to support business applications

See how Bayshore Networks can protect your oil and gas infrastructure with this free use case.

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