• Bayshore’s Modular ICS Protection Platform enables industrial operators to implement real-time protection across their entire networks, not just at the perimeter, and combine it with robust asset discovery and management for a comprehensive solution from a single supplier.
  • Built and improved over the past 8+ years, Bayshore’s products all share the Bayshore Policy Engine, which provides comprehensive deep packet inspection and flexible policy controls for a wide range of industrial OT network protocols.

Active OT Protection

Combining deep packet inspection with context and content-sensitive policies and security controls, built over the past 8+ years for native OT support of key OEM equipment and protocols.

OTfuse sits in front of critical endpoints, protecting PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices from unauthorized use, dangerous instructions and activities, and remote takeover from hostile sources.


Bayshore’s easy-to-use UI displays asset discovery data to all authorized security personnel. This data can be integrated SIEM, so that Bayshore’s events are part of your organization’s overall security picture, giving you a single view of all your security products. All reports can be exported as CSV files for easy consumption and custom analytics.


Threat Intelligence feeds (i.e. DHS) are incorporated via formats including YARA, Pallaton, STIX, and more. Bayshore’s open API allows third parties to generate blocking policies.

Learns & Adapts

Bayshore's automated Learning Engine generates a baseline that can be reviewed, edited, and turned into enforceable policy.
Baseline Models

Our powerful Learning Engine examines network behaviors – observing how all assets interact and communicate with one another – in order to establish baseline models.

Automated Policy Generation

Based on outputs from the Learning Engine, Bayshore automatically generates policy specific to industrial environments, which ultimately enables alerting and blocking.

Easy Policy Deployment

Bayshore’s baseline editor comes equipped with out-of-the-box IT and OT policies, while our Learning Engine can generate installation-specific policies, so users can quickly and easily deploy security solutions.

Alerts & Protects

Bayshore provides active alerting and proactive blocking of unauthorized communications and commands, preventing cyber threats from reaching targeted objects and data.
Fine-Grained Policy Enforcement

Content and context-aware policies with automated, rapid policy creation for transforming OT data.

Deep Content Inspection

Granular deep packet and content inspection at level 7, with access to packets from levels 2-7.

Built-In OT Policies

Includes line-of-sight, network reconnaissance, DoS, and more, which provide protection for protocol and vendor-specific threats.


Ensures remote access and administration of OT assets (HMI and EWS, for example) while limiting exposure to unauthorized network services.

Bayshore vs. Firewalls

Learn how Bayshore distinguishes itself from traditional and application-layer firewall tools