Bayshore IT/OT Gateway Product Sheet | Download pdf

Bayshore SingleView™ is the required component for managing Bayshore policies.

Bayshore SingleView is designed to manage and administer multiple Bayshore policy enforcement points, known as Bayshore SingleKeys™. SingleView provides a secure, centralized server-based management system for globally managing Bayshore SingleKey appliances and virtual instances, Bayshore Pallaton™ policies and YARA rule sets. It also allows administrators to establish access control that determines who can access SingleKeys, Pallaton policies, YARA rules and networked content defined by those rules.

Bayshore Pallaton and YARA Management

Pallaton, Bayshore’s core technology is an extensible, XML-based policy language. The open, flexible Pallaton engine provides a foundation for organization-wide policy execution. It enables you to quickly deploy, evaluate and enforce customized policies that drive your business objectives. YARA is a popular tool that helps security professionals identify and classify malware.

SingleView supports Pallaton’s capability to support YARA signatures. Pallaton’s application-layer inspection capabilities enable it to inspect every level of every document in an archive. Pallaton can extract and inspect content from multi-level archives such as Zips, Tarballs and shell codes, and utilize the customers’ existing YARA rules.

Advanced SingleView Features

SingleView works as a proxy, establishing connections to Bayshore devices while applying access control and versioning. When deploying global Pallaton policies or YARA rules, a rule can be created, changed, and commented upon, and the version progression remains in the system. To push rules to to the network, an administrator simply indicates which Bayshore devices to update.

Bayshore SingleKeys are typically located at a network choke point in the data center, enabling them to inspect Layer 7 content traversing networks. SingleView, however, does not have to reside in the same physical location as the Bayshore SingleKeys. In fact, it can reside anywhere as long as it has network access to the SingleKeys.

Additionally, Bayshore has added an advanced feature to SingleView’s access control capability. This feature prevents system administrators and other employees without access control privileges from viewing sensitive corporate content.