Industrial Airgap Bridge


  • Transfers data without exposing machines to an untrusted network
  • Unidirectional data diode functionality providing an airgap bridge to, limit and enable communications from sensitive, restricted assets
  • Isolated, non-routable, unidirectional data transfer
  • Alleviates cost and complexity of physical only access or data diodes with a more effective and efficient connectivity solution



  • Physical device that sits in front of sensitive portions of the network
  • Isolated, non-routable, unidirectional data transfer
  • Efficient synchronization and replication of data between systems
  • Transports any protocol without proprietary vendor HW and SW
  • No network information is exposed as SCADAWall creates a full protocol break between two network entities
  • Supports guaranteed delivery of data with improved data throughput




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Download SCADAwall Datasheet Here: