Industrial Airgap Bridge

SCADAwall is Bayshore’s data diode solution, to enable access into OT networks and assets which otherwise would have been totally cut off. Diodes enable data transfer in a single direction – for example, to move a new firmware file into the space, without allowing any kind of outbound connectivity. SCADAwall will support not only unidirectional file transfers, but also inline inspection for malware and unrecognized file hashes, while preserving the non-repudiable networking behaviors that are critical to standard diode behaviors. SCADAwall will also support threat intelligence updates from Bayshore, ensuring all the latest malicious code is identified for every file transferred, regardless of its source.

  • Unidirectional gateways are required to pull certain data from OT networks without any risk of operational compromise
  • Extraction via simple file transfers or other logging/transport protocols
  • Current hardware diode products lack flexibility and are expensive
  • None support content-based policy controls
  • SCADAwall integrates with Lighthouse and customer's existing policies, or acts standalone
  • Uses standard OTS hardware and splits protocols via software break across two interfaces
  • Inline content inspection, including file/archive analysis, while data is in transit
  • Alerting options via Lighthouse management console, or into third-party HMIs, SIEMs, etc.
  • Available late Q3 2019

Stay informed about SCADAwall as the launch date approaches!