Industrial Cyber Protection

Seeing a threat won't stop it

Bayshore stops cyber threats in real-time, before they can damage your industrial infrastructure. Or our planet.

Industrial cyber threats operate in real-time. Their intent is to do harm. Recent attacks have stolen IP, shut off vital resources, opened dams, poisoned drinking water, diverted sewage, and destroyed plants, transmission lines, and infrastructure.

Monitoring and alerting simply is not enough.

In the industrial world, by the time cyber alerts reach humans, catastrophic damage may have already occurred. Action must be taken instantly when cyber threats arise, before they reach their targets.

Only Bayshore offers active alerting and proactive blocking of unauthorized communication and commands, preventing cyber threats from reaching and affecting targeted objects and data. Bayshore operates at line speed, and protection is provided at a fine-grained transaction level, enabling authorized traffic and normal workflows to continue unimpeded even in the face of ongoing cyberattacks.


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