Webinar: Three Steps to Increase the Safety of Your HMI/SCADA

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Three Steps to Increase the Safety of Your HMI/SCADA

The current "Safe Health" guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID-19 are essentially a sound and proven layered defense strategy against the risk and spread of infection. In many ways, layering defenses can also be used when it comes to increasing the safety of your HMI/SCADA systems and minimizing the risk and cost of disruption to plant processes.

GE’s Senior Director Scott DuHaime and Toby Weir-Jones, Bayshore Networks' Chief Product Officer share three steps to increase the safety of your HMI/SCADA, which in turn can protect your plant processes and production against the risk and cost of disruption.

You will learn:

• Layered defense strategies appropriate for most operations
• Use cases for how GE and Bayshore Networks have integrated technologies to increase HMI/SCADA safety
• What you can do now to increase business continuity outcomes now and in the future
• HMI/SCADA Cyber Safety Checklist to all attendees at the end

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